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(was read in absentia, because U.S. authorities have not granted him a visa)

Dear comrades!

I am very glad to convey you our fraternal greetings from the Central Committee of the CPSU, from all Soviet communists.

Taking into account the high authority of CPUSA in the international communist movement, we consider the invitation on your Convention as a great honor to us. The struggle of the American communists, acting in the very stronghold of world imperialism, always evoked sincere admiration in the members of our Party. For us your experience is extremely interesting, especially now, when CPSU became the opposition Party.

The close comradely relations with foreign Communist Parties serve for the Soviet communists as a source of inspiration in these hard years, when owing to a number of the objective and subjective reasons our Party has suffered a serious defeat.

Some people ask us - why you are called the Communist Party of the Soviet Union? The Soviet Union is no more, isn't it? Yes, the Soviet Union does not exist anymore, but for it's revival the serious political force must exist, organization, which will struggle for it. And such force exists - it's our Party, the Communist party of the Soviet Union!

Now our party organizations act approximately in half of the former Soviet republics. After the brief period in the beginning of 90's, when our republican organizations acted practically independently, we now are again the centralized Party. We are especially proud of the recreation in the beginning of this year of our Moldavian organization, which in the space of a few months became a real political force in the republic. It managed to be made in conditions, when the majority of the citizens of republic still maintains illusions regarding social-democratic Party of communists of the Republic of Moldova (PKRM), which only recently has come to authority. Nevertheless it is clear that to these illusions the end will come very soon, as for few elapsed months PKRM continued the process of privatization, signed the agreement on the entry of Moldova into the World Trade Organization (even the previous bourgeois government hasn't dare to make this), but not raised a finger for increase of a beggarly living standards of the working people. Therefore it's not surprised that already now members of PKRM pass on to our Party by the whole party organizations.

The example of Moldova is in general very indicative for the characteristic of processes which take place on the territory of the USSR. On the one hand, it speaks that in the former allied republics exists the strong tendency to their reintegration (one of the main pre-election slogans of PKRM was the entry of Moldova into the Union of Russia and Beylorussia), and also that at least in some of former allied republics the parliamentary path to socialism is possible (the voters of Moldova, not grasping in ideological delicacies, sincerely regarded PKRM as a Communist Party). On the other hand, it again underlines that specific feature of our country, when under a "Communist" title hides the Party which does not have any relation to Communism.

In contrast to the East Europe, where opportunist leaderships of the former Communist Parties have replaced Parties names and openly rejected Marxism, in our country it has not taken place. Probably, for American comrades, in whose country triumphs the frantic anti-Communism, that's difficult to believe, but till now in the majority of our republics in mass consciousness the word "Communist" has rather positive tint. Attempts to repeat Eastern European experience, creating, for example, in Russia so-called "socialist party of toilers", have failed ignominiously. The opportunists were compelled to create allegedly Communist Parties, which, however, in practice carry out an absolutely conciliatory policy regarding ruling regime. Undoubtedly, it's severely complicates activity of the true Marxist-Leninists.

The causes of a temporary defeat of socialism in the Soviet Union, surely, still require more careful Marxist analysis. However, it's already clear that a key role in this disaster has played not so much the subversive activity of Western special services as yearning of the regenerated Party and State leadership to guide the Union on the path of capitalization. And though the personal contribution to this business of mister Gorbachev is difficult to overestimate (restoration XXIX-th Congress of the CPSU in 1992 has expelled him from the Party and demanded from State organs to place him under court for disintegration of the country), he doubtlessly expressed interests of the whole social group. One part of the former so-called "Party-economic nomenclature" now became latter-days capitalists and their allies from the new State structures, whereas the other part, formally opposition to them, actually carries out the similar policy and attempts to create bipartisan system patterned after USA.

It's does not mean that we are negatively referred to all former party and economic chiefs. Moreover, we consider that without their assistance the returning of the country to a socialist path is simply impossible. We actively cooperate with several associations of the economic chiefs, recently in the Russian city of Tula we have restored in our Party the former vice-governor of this area. Nevertheless, unfortunately, such people among former "nomenclature" make only minority.

Condemning both right opportunism and "left" extremism, our Party in its activity is guided by the time-tested principles of Marxism-Leninism. Not disclaiming a parliamentary path, we at the same time consider as a main the path of mass struggle, and first of all the struggle for the socio-economic rights of the working people, creation of strike committees as embryos of people's power and coordination of their activity. In 1994 our Party was the initiator of All-Russia days of the protest against a decline in the living standards of the working people (by an estimation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in these actions took participation some hundreds of thousand people). Our Party maintains close contact with many branch trade unions of Russia and some other republics. Now, as is known, in Russia began a new stage of capitalist liberalization. The authorities intend to legalize sale of land, implement the feudal Labor code, eliminate last remains of State regulation in economics. All this in the near future will cause a new sharp impoverishment of the working people, who's standard of living in comparison of the Soviet time now already dropped in Russia in 3-4 times and in some other republics - in 10 and more times. The present resuscitation of economics under all forecasts will last not for long and will be finished by the next recession and sharp strengthening of social tension.

In Russia, from a situation in which seriously depends the development of events in other our republics, in autumn of the 1998 a revolutionary situation already took place. Unfortunately, our Party was not still so strong that to take advantage of it, while conciliatory forces in the left movement were satisfied with their state of "Her Majesty's Opposition".

The situation of 1998, however, quite can repeat, and that, of course, disturbs present Russian authorities. The political regime in the country is toughening step-by-step, a process of "twisting the nuts" is going. We already feel it on ourselves, particularly in connection with our activity in a defense of the territorial integrity of country - as is known, the present Russian leadership carries on negotiations about the delivery to Japan of a part of the Kurile islands. Such revision of the results of the Second World war we consider completely intolerable. In 1992 the All-Russia committee for defense of Kuriles, built by CPSU, has organized mass actions of the protest and broken then plans of the Russian authorities. Now, nine years later, it is necessary to start almost from the beginning.

It's, however, does not mean that we receive in bayonets absolutely all foreign-policy actions of a present Russian leadership. We hail any steps, directional on strengthening of the international positions of Russia and deepening of the real integration of former allied republics. In particular, the CPSU has approved of creation of the Shanghai organization of cooperation, which can become the important step on the way to a "multi-polar world". In no circumstances identifying the American communists, American people with U.S. imperialism, we oppose any attempts of the U.S. monopolies to dictate their will to other countries within the framework of capitalist "globalization".

On our deep belief, to the global offensive by the monopolies on the rights of the working people, we, the communists, should answer by closer coordination of our activity.

On behalf of all our Party I assure you, dear Comrades, that in your struggle against right offensive, for democratic renewal and social progress you can always count on our solidarity.

Long live the Communist party USA!

Long live solidarity of the communists all over the world!

Long live Marxism-Leninism!